UniformSpec Officially Launches!!!

UniformSpec, Uniformed Professionals central hub, officially hit the internet on August 10, 2009. UniformSpec, after 2 years of development and testing, released UniformSpec Version 1/1. The main focus of Version 1/1 was to allow users feedback while testing the e-commerce waters. Dan McDonald Jr, founder of UniformSpec.com, sees an opportunity to enhance the turn around time through online private stores. ‘I have worked on several private stores with several web developers. All of the stores functioned properly and were user-friendly, however, none of the private stores were tied into our Company Computer System. UniformSpec.com is a public and a private store all in one and ties into our internal computer system. We are excited about allowing our customers and account administrators the ability to having even more control over their needs.’
The uniform industry is large, yet petite when compared with many other industries. Customer Service has always been an essential part of the uniform industry and while we continue to do that with our show room and distribution center, we will be able to enhance and eliminate hassles for customers ordering at UniformSpec.com. Dan guarantees by stating, ‘Inside our facilities, we stress triple checking. Mistakes happen. We are all human and unfortunately, some people miss things. By triple checking with 3 different people, I highly doubt any mistake will be able to exit our shipping department. You have my word, if it does happen I will supply gift cards with an undisclosed value to be able to use for any inconvenience our customer has.’


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