Save Philly Cops and Fireman!!!

Don’t let the gov or the mayor or and council people limit our public safety.  It is critical to have these brave men and women who show up and save lives and prevent things from getting out of control.  They are real people, real friends and real family members.  By making cuts, the city and state and whoever else is trying to get our taxes up but take away our safety and security (which is ridiculus) will not do much good for any one.

Dear Philly, 
It is time to stand up to these fragile monsters who work for us, yet most of the time help very few, and the very few are the wealthy who give back contributions to them—a big ugly circle!!!  Well I don’t want to allow it to happen.  Last night, I saw a show which scared me.  People were armed with weapons of choice and steel like masks fought almost til death.  What I learned from the show is that this can be real someday soon.  We may be fighting our neighbors in an urban war of we allow our government to get out of control. 

One sign of allowing our government to get out of control is to lay off the men and women who serve as our public safety.  It makes no sense to do this, none whatsoever.  There are so many other ways to cut expenses and not people…


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